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Style my day aren’t just wedding stylists! We plan, style and execute weddings that are seamless, stylish and fun! We want you to have the perfect wedding day… but we think half the fun is in the lead up! With a friend like Style my day to assist and advise we make the journey so much easier! Your wedding is just one day so relax and have fun with your partner, friends and family and leave the hard work to us! Our mantra is that we are here to make you happy, and by you… we mean, you, your family, the venue, the florist and all the people that work together to make your day the best day of your life!

Because working as a team makes the most successful wedding day ever!

We will guide and assist you in all areas in the lead up to your day! Planning your day should be smooth, fun and exciting and sharing the process with an experienced person guarantees nothing is overlooked or too difficult to achieve!   A special wedding day will live in the memory of every guest for many years to come. Memorable weddings are unique, reflect the couple’s personality and are a happy occasion where love and joy are the order of the day!   Styling your special day can be as simple or as elaborate as you like! This is your chance to get creative, dream big and share a wonderful day with your most precious family and friends! It’s YOUR chance to make some memories!
We offer our clients an extensive catalogue to hire from, stationery and signage design and vendor sourcing to create a cohesive wedding style. We can guide you, using our event experience into making smart and stylish decisions that create amazement and keep your guests entertained and happy!

Nina Smith is the founder of Style my day.  She has a background in design and hospitality!  Having worked as a graphic designer and previously owned a cafe and catering business she brings both a love of style and events to her business.  After getting married herself and experiencing first hand the stress of trying to do it all herself she had a vision for a new type of wedding business.  She will work with you on all aspects of your day so that you truly have a stress free planning time and leave it to her and her team to bring your dream day to life!