terms and conditions

Style my Day Hire Agreement
Terms and Conditions

In these terms and conditions of hire, “Owner” means Style my Day, “Hirer” means any person, company, corporation or Government agency, or its representative who shall hire goods and/or engage services from the Owner. “Items” refer to any goods that are being hired or consumed by the Hirer. “Packaging Items” includes (but not limited to) boxes, wrapping, tubs and covers. “Hire Agreement” means this document, it’s terms, conditions, responsibilities and liabilities of the Hirer. “Event” means the agreed time in which the items are hired for.


The items supplied for hire expressly remain the property of the Owner.

Ordering, Deposits and Confirmation

Prices do not include GST. There is a minimum order of $100 plus delivery.

Tentative bookings: 
All tentative bookings will be held for a period of 14 days. After this time the date will not be held. Extensions will be granted when required.

Confirmation of booking: 
To confirm your booking we require a payment of 50% of the agreed price. Payment plan options are available. A confirmation receipt will be issued confirming the date & agreed price. 
By paying the amount for an event, the client agrees that once paid, the amount paid is non refundable

Once the payment is received and cleared, only then will the order be deemed as confirmed upon which availability and prices are guaranteed and the Hirer takes acceptance of this Hire Agreement.

If ordering within 14 days prior an event, once availability is confirmed, then the total invoiced amount must be paid and cleared within 48 hours and the Hirer takes acceptance of this Hire Agreement. All payments can be paid by direct deposit, Pay Pal or cheque.

Final Payment

The balance of the account is payable 14 days prior to the event and can be paid in the following ways: cheque, direct deposit or 
Pay Pal 
 Failure to do so may, at the discretion of the Owner, result in a cancellation of the order.  Any late orders within 14 days of an event are welcome. Once item availability has been confirmed, the total invoiced amount must be paid and cleared within 48 hours.

Changes to Order and Cancellations

Any changes to an order, such as item quantity or additions to the order, must be made at least 7 days before the required date of the event, upon availability.  The Hirer has the right to cancel any orders. Cancellations must be made in writing to the Owner.  Any orders cancelled within 30 days before the confirmed commencement of the event will result in the Hirer’s 50% deposit to be non-refundable.  If cancellation occurs inside of the 14 days from the intended event date, full balance should have been paid by this time and will not be refunded. 
 Orders cancelled on the day, or after delivery for the event will result in a 100% surcharge of the total invoiced amount. The Owner and the Hirer reserve the right to cancel any order for reasons beyond their control due to, and not limiting to, civil unrest, riots, strikes, acts of war, acts of God and severe weather such as, but not limited to, cyclones, bush fires, floods and earthquakes, or, if for any reason, the Owner feels that the items are in danger of being damaged or stolen. Only in these circumstances will the Owner forfeit all obligations and either refund 50% of the invoiced hire fee back to the Hirer, or take the paid order as a credit to rebook.

Inspection and Hire Period

The Owner has quality control procedures in place. All hire items are thoroughly checked, counted and cleaned prior to delivery. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to check all the ordered hire equipment immediately upon delivery and must notify the Owner of any breakages, damages or missing items within 2 hours of receiving the hire items.

Upon delivery of any items, a nominated person on behalf of the Hirer or the Hirer, must be there at the agreed location and agreed time to sign for the confirmed goods and take responsibility for them under the terms of this Hire Agreement. Hire period is for 2 days unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

The Hirer must protect all items from the elements including, but not limited to, rain, hail and high winds, plus keep the items secure from the time of pick up, delivery, use, storage or waiting period before collection or return of the items to the Owner. If delivery is required, with or without set up, the Hirer will ensure that the site is safe and the Owner has easy access to the site where the items are needed. The Hirer must use the items in the purpose and capacity that they were designed.

For pick-up (unless selecting the style service) the items must be cleaned, dried, and packed properly in the wrapping and boxes that were provided and kept in a secure place until the pick up by the Owner has occurred. Linens must be returned in laundry bags provided, any wet items must be kept separate to avoid further damage.

Late Fees

The hire period is a 2 day period unless otherwise agreed upon by both the Owner and Hirer in writing. By discretion of the Owner, if the goods are returned later than agreed then they will be charged 50% of the hire fee.

Damage and Loss

The Hirer is responsible for all losses or damages to any of the items arising during the time when the Hirer is deemed to have taken delivery of the items until the Hirer returns the items to the Owner. The Hirer agrees to pay full replacement costs for any items that are lost or are considered solely by the Owner as being irreparably damaged. Hire items including, but not limited to, linen that are returned unclean with stains including, but not limited to, candle wax, mud, mould, rust, graffiti and/or heavy food or beverage stains that are unable to be restored to a clean condition via ordinary laundering procedures, and are required to have expert cleaning (i.e. dry cleaning), that cost will be charged to the Hirer at the appropriate rate plus service charges. Any items that are returned with any breakages, cracks, chips, burns, holes, tears, or permanent stains will be charged at full replacement costs. Replacement costs will be invoiced to the hirer and payment is due by the hirer to Style my Day within 30 days.

Indemnity and Insurance

The Hirer hereby indemnifies and holds indemnified the Owner from and against all claims, actions, suits, demands and expenses in any way arising from injury, death, loss of income or damage caused to the Hirer or its property, or any other third parties or property, in concern to the items hired. Hire items are not insured. The Hirer will be responsible for any loss, damage or breakage to any items that are hired from the Owner.

Images and Promotional Use

The owner has ownership of all images. These are not to be reproduced without the permission of the Owner. The owner may use any photographs taken by Style my day of Style my day’s hire items set up for events for promotional use on their website, Facebook and blog. Any blog or magazine submissions of events where items from Style my day have been used, we ask that you ask that you notify us before any submission please and credit any images. Style my day will respectfully reciprocate this gesture to all other vendors if they are to submit a wedding or event to any such wedding and event blog or magazine.

Advertising, images and promotional use

In accepting our quote, the client is agreeing to the possibility of photos being taken of their wedding for use in our advertising

The Hirer hereby unconditionally accepts the above terms and conditions and acknowledges that its acceptance is a condition upon paying the deposit and taking possession of any hire items, or service provided, from the Owner.